ACI offers a range of security services to assist corporate entities, businesses of all types and individual interests, including home security systems.

Complimented by its staff of professionals, ACI is able to address a multitude of security challenges, including providing security consulting, security program design, security systems and protective services.

Through risk and vulnerability assessments and the application of security measures, ACI is able to ensure the protection of people, assets and proprietary information as well as help protect an organization from exposure to losses due to theft and insurance liability.

The firm prides itself on our ability to respond to unstable and changing situations and adapting our services accordingly. This is accomplished through continuously re-evaluating our service against the circumstantial landscape and client needs and making appropriate adjustments. This philosophy allows us to deliver superior service yet is cost effective.


Modern organizations, along with private individuals, face increasing demands to protect critical data assets and show accountability and responsibility for information management. ACI provides a strategic, comprehensive security solution. ACI bases their information security practice on current best-practices and on established security standards and regulations, such as ISO/IEC 17799. We provide a full-range of information security services.





ACI provides executive protection to corporate executives while engaged in foreign or domestic business trips, at corporate functions, special events and at the home or office. ACI is also capable of providing executive protection details and interim security during crisis situations such as during strikes, employee termination or other threat situations.

executive protection


This involves the process of vulnerability and threat analysis to corporate and industrial entities. Issues relating to personal safety, exposure to liability, theft of property and proprietary information are addressed. Physical and procedural security are evaluated to identify facilities weaknesses to penetration. ACI utilizes a variety of advanced methods in the security assessment process, including, audits, surveys and tests. ACI provides its clients with a comprehensive report citing the results along with a detailed countermeasures plan aimed at negating potential or existing threats and the areas of weakness and vulnerability.




ACI can design and implement security systems from simple safety & security measures to high security facilities, consisting of CCTV and access control systems for large office complexes, manufacturing facilities and warehouses. Remote viewing options and recording now allow a business executive to monitor production and activities from off site. Our clients have reported to us that following the installation of a security camera and/or access control system at their establishments, there were significant decreases in theft losses, vandalism, insurance claims and other criminal activity; resulting in a safer and more profitable workplace. ACI provides complete warranties and discounts on system upgrades.

security system design


ACI can design and implement security systems and programs for manufacturing plants, retail stores, restaurants, office complexes, malls and department stores to meet the specific needs of each client. ACI maintains a staff of loss prevention professionals unmatched in the industry, with literally decades of combined loss prevention experience from detective to director. Trained in the latest security systems equipment and loss prevention consulting procedures, ACI is capable of assessing a company for weaknesses and vulnerability to penetration, intrusion and theft from both internal and external origin as identifying the origin of internal theft problems. During both troubleshooting and security consulting operations, members of the ACI team will address all phases of a company’s security from locks and security systems to physical and procedural security. ACI specializes in security consulting from the assessment, survey and analysis phases through the design and implementation of security systems and complete security programs.

Upon your request, ACI will perform a free on-site consultation. This will be a general assessment in which we will evaluate the physical and procedural security. Following the general evaluation, we will schedule a comprehensive security assessment, which will identify specific areas of weaknesses and vulnerability and propose a range of security countermeasures and costs.